United we stand and devided we fall…. The past years I have formed a strong team with inspiring organizations and loving Souls who inspire me. We have one thing in common, a great passion to help people to bring out the best in themselves and grow in their connection towards themselves. The tools we use have improved my life, among other things, and that’s why we like to share them with you. In our experience, energetic therapy, readings and coaching can help a lot in solving certain issues. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

Thabo Hollander

Eigenaar Pranic Bliss
Energetisch Therapeut & Pranic Healing Therapeut

Pranic Bliss loves to work with the following organisations:

Zinnig Noord

ZINNIG NOORD (Meaningful North) – an open community for spiritual growth and meaningful connections in Amsterdam North. A place where you find meaning and inspiration, where you can peace while the storm life rages onwards and where you meet new interesting people and share ideas.

Therapeutisch Activiteiten Centrum

The Therapeutic Activities Center Amsterdam brings together supply and demand in the field of individual and family therapy, coaching, counseling and guidance.

Landelijke Vereniging Vertrouwenspersonen

The LVV or the national foundation for confidential advisors. The LVV supports the affiliated confidential advisors and focuses on the recognition of the profession.

De vertouwenspersoon

De Vertrouwenspersoon is an agency for experienced certified confidential counsellors, who have various additional expertise and competences. In addition, they have employment lawyers, behavioral experts and (organizational) psychologists at their disposal.