Are you experience challenges in life and are you ready to make a change? A coaching session can help you to break through unwanted patterns. Together we will look at the underlying causes of your challenges and together we will work with the voice dialogue method and cognitive behaviour therapy to  empower you to be in harmony with every aspect of yourself.
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All systems have their own dynamics and though constellations we can make this visible. How does the energy flow through your family or organization and how does it influence your path. This is what we call systemic work. In addition to constellations, we can also gain insight into the different aspect of yourself with the effective voice dialogue method.

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom according to Socrates. A reading session can offer a lot of insights into your energy and the energy of different aspects of your life. Where does the energy flow and where is it obstructed or not flowing. An energetic reading can provide clear insights that can be very helpful.

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The great Nikola Tesla said, if you want to understand the universe think in energy, frequency and vibration! Like all living things, your body needs energy to function. When you get sick, your energy level decreases. By increasing that, the body can recover itself more quickly, this is what energetical therapy is based on.

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