Know thyself….

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom according to Socrates, ofcourse that sounds very nice, but in the search to a deeper connection with ourselves we sometimes get stuck. There may be certain patterns in your life that you struggle with. Perhaps you experience challenges and you struggle to understand where those challenges come from or better yet how to solve it. They often say that knowledge is power and the more you have an insight into what is holding you back, the easier it is to let that go of it.
An energetic reading can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your path. How does a reading work? Perhaps you can imagine that in addition to our physical body we have an energetic correspondent, this is also called the aura. All our thoughts and emotions, but also painful experiences from the past, everything is energy and everything is stored in the different subtle layers of our energy body.
The energetic reading session gives you insight into your own energy and your path. During the session I take an in depth look at your energy and any perhaps any blockages. I will have a look at the flow of your energy on multiple levels. Most importantly, I then translate  my observations in a clear, down to earth, way. The energetic reading is a great tool to help you on your path. We all get a checkup for our physical health, why not have some more insights in your energy!

Know thyself and you know the universe...

- Pythagoras

I would like to tell you more about what his energetic reading looks like.

We start the session with your question, why are you here and what would you like more clarity about. Then I will make a “scan” of your energy and while doing so I look at the different aspects of your life such as your work, family and in addition I look at the cause of the issues you are struggling with and any blockages in your system. I prefer to look into your energy without much information beforehand. Of course you can also ask questions about matters that you would like more insight on. To help you as best as possible, I work together with your inner guides and I connect to your essence and the field of information.


The costs of an energetic reading session are €120 and the session lasts about 1.5 hours. The session usually takes place via Zoom, but a live session is of course also possible. If you want, the reading will be recorded on video and you will receive the recording afterwards.

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I am so very greatful for all the information you have given me, your observations where spot on and I am very very happy


Its so very special that you are able to observe everything that is going on in my life!!!


Honestly Thabo I dont know how you do what you do but I am very grateful for your help in my proces


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