Life is not always a walk in the park…. At times we all struggle with life and our place in the world. Maybey you have observed that certain issues keep coming up be it in different forms. During a coaching session we take a look at those challenges and work together to heal this. This means we go back to the root of the cause.

If we go back to the cause of certain challenges we face, we can solve it a bit more easily. In the present we are very often experiencing the effects of problems that arose in childhood. Especially if there have been struggles with safe attachment or if there are challenges from the family system.

Whatever the challenges, it can be an opportunity to emerge more beautiful and powerful. In Japan they know the tradition of Kintsugi. Where something is broken, gold is used to repair it. As it can be in life, every challenge can be an opportunity for growth.

Breaking down can be s chance for inner growth

What does a coaching session look like?

We start the session with your question or what you require help with, what are you struggling with and how does that affect different aspects of your life? Together we will look at the root cause of the challenge. We do this by going from the safe area of the mind to the realm of your emotions and feelings. Another way is by asking you questions that invite you to look at your challenges in a different way. To support you as best as possible I use my energetic sensitivity and various techniques such as voice dialogue and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Although a goal-oriented approach can sometimes work very well, it can also be a huge limitation. As humans, we are often very focused on looking for a solution, but when it comes to inner challenges, “solving” is not always the right way. Often being in acceptance with what happened is a good start and often being able to just be with whatever may comes is the solution. During the session we will work together to let go of the challenges we experience by embracing them by looking at them in a different way.


The costs of the coaching session are €85 and the session lasts approximately 1.5 hours

The session preferably takes place at Therapeutic Activities Center Amsterdam at Borgerstraat 102. An online session via ZOOM is also possible.

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For me, taking up my own space is a huge challenge. Every aspect of my suffers because of it and it eventually led to a burn out. Thabo helped me a lot to see and feel where things went "wrong" and we worked to fix that. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone in this way. Thank you thabo!

BettyCase: Burn out

Already had so many conversations with a psychologist and nothing helped to really move forward. Thabo's approach was really very different, sometimes a bit confrontational to see how I was actually selling myself short, but exactly that also helped to solve it. I made contact with my feeling and it helped me a lot. Very very happy and I can recommend this to anyone sitting through it.

Alie R.Case: Depression

I came to Thabo because I didn't feel like living anymore and I was very depressed and suicidal, luckily Thabo was able to do a lot for me. After the first session I immediately had more positivity and I am looking forward to the future again!

Freek O.Case: suicidal thoughts

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