When your house no longer feels like a home…

We have probably experienced that some places feel nicer to be than others. Have you ever been to a place where there has just been a violent fight or a place where something bad happened in the past? You may have noticed that there was a heaviness in the air.

Energy is really like a radio, there are all kinds of frequencies to tune into. Just like we have AM and FM radio there is positive and negative energy.

When we talk about energy, it can help to think in terms of quality and quantity.
  • The quality: This indicates how pure the frequency of the energy is or scientifically what is the frequency of the vibration. The higher the quality of the energy, the higher the vibration and the purer the particles.
  • The quantity: This indicates how much of an energy there is.
    Every day we come into contact with all kinds of different energies, some we experience as pleasant but some energy we experience as unpleasant...Everything we do has an effect on our own energy, our thoughts, what we eat, what we watch on TV, the people we interact with. We deal with all kinds of different energies every day. Especially now we are at home a large part of the time we experience a lot of our energetic iteractions at home. You may know the feeling that the energy in your house is no longer as pleasant as you remember, you or the people close to you  are easily irritated or are always tired. Whatever the cause, an energetic house cleaning can help you feel at home in your own home again.

Everything is energy and that is all there is to it...

- Albert Einstein

What does an energetic house cleaning look like?

During the cleaning session I first map out how the energy flows through your house. In doing so, I mainly look at where the possible difficulties are, where the energy is out of balance in terms of quality or quantity. You could say that I make an energetic scan of your house and the energy in the different rooms.

Once I have mapped out exactly where the problem is, I will get to work. The focus is on the polluted energy that bothers you from your home.

Room by room I am going to cleanse the energy to remove the heavy negative energy. Then I will further increase the quality of the energy in the house by filling your home with positive energy.

When is an energetic house cleaning a good idea?

  • You are moving: When you have found a new place to call home, you will of course clean it thouroughly, but what about the energy of your new home? Does the energy of the previous residents still hang there or will it really become your space, your home, your temple.
  • Everyone is tired and easily irritated: If you experience that everyone in the house is suddenly tired or irritable and everyone suddenly has a very short fuse.
  • If something bad / traumatic has happened in the house in the past and you still experience a pressure or heaviness
  • You have difficulty sleeping: There is suddenly a change in your sleeping pattern or you experience that your partner / children sleep superficially and have strange dreams.
  • Weird or unexplained phenomena in your home


The costs of an energetic cleaning of your house are €185.

We set a date and time and before the session starts we will talk via telephone or Zoom about your home and what is exactly bothering you. We will briefly talk about your experiences at home and then I will get to work.

It is important that the house can be ventilated during the session, a window or something similar is fine. This helps the polluted energy to leave the house more easily.

After I am done clearing the house we meet again by phone or Zoom and I share my findings and experiences. During the session it is recommended that no one is at home.

After the session you will also receive some tips if necessary to keep the energy in the house as pleasant as possible.

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When we moved to our new place we came to live next to horrible neighbors who made our lives completely miserable. Thabo has been able to help draw clear energetic boundaries and WHAT a difference, I feel safe at home again!

Meike Minne

My youngest son hadn't slept well for a while, school hassles and I just didn't know what to do anymore. Fortunately Thabo was able to help, my son is finally sleeping again!


New house and a stressful welcome... Our new neighbors didn't match at all, so a fierce neighbor dispute ensued. We couldn't settle in our new place but luckily Thabo has helped enormously to make the energy in the house a lot calmer again. Very very happy!


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