A healthy energy is a healthy and happy life….

The great Nikola Tesla already said it, if you want to understand the universe think in energy, frequency and vibration! Like all living things, your body needs energy to function. When you get sick you will notice that your energy level decreases. By increasing the energy level and removing the dirty / diseased energy, the body can recover itself faster. This is one of the basic principles behind this form of energetic therapy.
This method offers a holistic view of improving your health, not only your physical health but on every level. In my years as a therapist, I have seen people flourish because they are finally free from pain or discomfort. Energetic therapy can help you with physical ailments and emotional and mental issues. One of the pioneers in energy work devoted over 30 years of research and experimentation  in collaboration with doctors and psychologists. Because of that we now have the opportunity to look at health from an energetic point of view. I invite you to experience how this method  can help you improve your health.

Natural forces within us are the true healers

- St Augustine

It would be my pleasure to explain a bit more about this method and how exactly it works. This treatment method is based on the laws of nature, mainly 2 natural laws.

  • The natural law of self recovery:

All organisms can repair themselves to some degree. Our body protects itself against diseases through our immune / defense system, but if we do get sick, our body can repair itself. Often what is missing to achieve a fast rate of self recovery is the fuel to do so.

  • The natural law of subtle energy:

Everything that lives needs a fuel to function properly. In addition to physical energy such as calories, we also need subtle energy. As the energy level decreases in the body it becomes more difficult to recover yourself.

Energetic therapy is based on the fact that in addition to a visible physical body, people also have an energy body and that these are connected to each other.  Many experiments have shown that the energy body is the mold of the physical body. When there are physical or psychological issues, we can find the issue in the energy body as well. This energetic treatment method removes the sick energy that creates the underlying cause of the ailment. Then we adds chi/ki/prana or life energy to the body. This is used as a fuel for the body to heal itself at a faster rate.


The cost of an energetic treatment session is €85 and the session lasts about 1 hour.

It often helps a lot to gain deeper insights into the causes of your ailments on multiple levels. It is entirely up to you, but we recommend that you do an energetic reading before your session. The session usually takes place via Zoom, but a live session is of course also possible.

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It was quite a step for me to come to you. If I see such things on TV, I would think; “and these weird movements should help me.”? I may be too down to earth for this. But I also think I should give such things a chance before judging them. And how positively you surprised me! Now a few weeks later I am happy to say I am still free of my high blood pressure.

Cor M.Case: Chronic high blood pressure

I am very grateful that you were able to help me, I was very surprised at the improvement I experienced. Within a few sessions my cigarette cravings were completely gone after 20 years of a pack a day!

Tiny W.Case: Addiction to sigarettes

I can dance again, who could have ever expected that te be a reality again!

Sanne O.Case: Chronic knee ailment and weakness after surgery

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