Pranic Bliss is an independant private practice based in Amsterdam.

Freedom is important for us and we want to be loyal to you our clients and of course to myself, which is why I have not joined a professional organizations. Unfortunately, that means that health insurers do not reimburse the sessions, but that you pay yourself.

My practice does not fall under the BIG law, which means that you are welcome without a referral from a general practitioner.


Coaching and Counseling

  • A live coaching session is €85 for a session of approximately 1,5 hour
  • An online coaching session is €70 for a session of approximately 1 hour

Constellations & systemic work

  • A 1 on 1 session of systemic work with a private constellation is €120
  • Join a constellation as a representative
  • A personal constellation in Amsterdam is €140
  • An orgnizational constellation €500

Energetic reading

  • An energetic reading session is €120 for approximately 1,5 hour

Energetische therapie

  • A session with energetical therapie is €85 for approximately 1 hour
  • Online session energetical therapy €70 for approximately 1 hour

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I came to Thabo because I didn't feel like living anymore and I was extremely depressed and suicidal, luckily Thabo was able to do a lot for me. After the first session I immediately had more positivity and I'm looking forward to the future again!

Jamie L.Case: suicidal toughts / depression

For me, taking up my own space is a huge challenge. Every aspect of my suffers because of it and it eventually led to a burn out. Thabo helped me a lot to see and feel where things went "wrong" and we worked to fix that. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone in this way. Thank you thabo!

BettyCase: Burn out

Already had so many conversations with a psychologist and nothing helped to really move forward. Thabo's approach was really very different, sometimes a bit confrontational to see how I was actually selling myself short, but exactly that also helped to solve it. I made contact with my feeling and it helped me a lot. Very very happy and I can recommend this to anyone sitting through it.

Alie R.Case: Depression

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