You can’t choose your family…

Family is the gift that you didnt ask for, sometimes its a nice gift and sometimes the gift of family is challenging. At those times it is difficult to see it as a gift at all. Each family has its own history, values and dynamics, and personalities. We call this the family system. You may recognize certain patterns or challenges from your own life that are also at play within members of your family. Through a constellation we can bring all of that to the survice by making it visable. We always start a constellation with a question that you would like more clarity on. During a family constellation you choose representatives who temporarily take on the role of people in your family. Those representatives make contact with the field of the family system and can thus show what the dynamics are between the different people in the system. As a facilitator, I ask questions to the representatives, they answer with words and movements and express their feelings from the person who they represent. You can play a role in a constellation yourself or simply observe. Although the setup is aimed at your family and your specific question, experience shows that this is also very helpful for spectators and representatives. According to Bert Hellinger, the founder of family constellations, the representatives are connected to the knowing field and that field is what can provide clear insights into the dynamics of your family. A family constellation is a very effective means of gaining insight and understanding aspects of the family system and with that you can free yourself from that which no longer serves you. By taking your own space and allowing the people in your family system to take their natural place, much can be healed and you can move on.

We are the dream of our ancestors

Bert Hellinger
Just as your family is a system, an organization is similar in many ways. It is a system with multiple personalities and a constellation can provide helpfull insights. The goal is of an organizational constellation is actually the same, namely to gain insights into the dynamics of the organization. With an organizational constellation, we also start with a question aimed at challenges within the organization. It is often very helpful to do a constellation together as an exercise in team building to look at the dynamics within the organization or between different departments and persons. You choose representatives for certain people within the organization or for a group of people. A constellation for organizations is somewhat comparable to a family constellation. As a facilitator, I support the session by asking questions and inviting the representatives to visualize the dynamics within the organization through movements and sharing the experience from the field. Systemic work has proven immensely helpful to organizations in working together in harmony.


The costs of a 1 on 1 session with a family constellation are €120.

The costs for a constellation in groups depend on the size of the group and whether you participate as a representative or whether you would like to submit a question for a constellation yourself.

If you prefer to do a constellation with your own group, that is of course also possible.

The sessions preferably take place at Therapeutic Activities Center Amsterdam at Borgerstraat 102 

The costs for an organizational constellation start at €500, this is systemic work with several representatives for half a day. If you want to  more on how this can help your organization, feel free to contact us

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The constellation has given me a lot of insights and I am very happy that I made this step. It was nice that the representatives could show so beautifully what I have always felt and that without any prior knowledge.

AnnekeFamily constellation

It was quite confronting to see how we in my family sometimes keep each other captive and run into the same problems over and over again. It feels like I've broken the cycle with this step.

MargrietFamily constellation

Thank you again for the insights we have received as a team. It was a great experience for me as a manager and I have an even better idea of what I can do to make everyone feel good at work.

OnnoOrganizational constellation

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