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How can subtle energy improve my health?

The great Nikola Tesla said it best, if you want to understand the universe think in energy! Just like everything else, your body needs energy to function. If you get sick you will notice that your energy level decreases. By increasing the energy level and removing the polluted energy, the body can recover itself more quickly. This is one of the basic principles behind Pranic Healing. This method is there to offer a holistic view to improve your health. In short, in my years as a therapist, I have seen people become happy and balanced because they are finally relieved of pain or discomfort. Pranic Healing can help you with physical disorders and also mental complaints. After 30 research and in collaboration with doctors and psychologists, we now have the opportunity to view health from an energetic point of view. I invite you to experience how Pranic Healing can help you improve your health.

Pranic Healing is based on 2 principles

  • That your body can repair it self
  • That every living being needs energy
Pranic Healing is based on the fact that people have an energy body in addition to a visible physical body and that they are connected to each other. Indeed, after many experiments it has been found that the energy body is the mold of the physical body. When there are physical or psychological complaints, we can also find the core in the energy body.
Pranic Healing removes the diseased energy that is the cause of the complaint and then adds prana or life energy to the body. This is then used as a fuel for the body to heal itself more quickly.Pranic Healing is also easy to learn yourself. Everyone can be trained within two days to effectively treat and relieve all sorts of complaints: with yourself, with others and even remotely! You can use Pranic Healing to speed up the natural recovery of the body, as relief and healing, disease prevention but also as first aid if needed.


I am very grateful that you were able to help me, I was very surprised by the improvement I experienced.

Tiny W.Case: help quiting smoking

It was a big step for me to come to you. If I see such things on TV, I would think; "And these techniques and hand movements are supposed tohelp me..."? Perhaps I am too sober for this. But I also think I should give such things a chance before I condemn them. And you positively surprised me! I am finally free of my high blood pressure

Cor M.Case: Chronic High Blood pressure

My sessions with Thabo are a blessing, I am free of pain and ready to take on the world!

Floor P.Case: Reumatic arthritis

Wanna try Pranic Healing out our events?

23 September 2018

Pranic Healing Training | Netherlands

When: 20 & 21 June Amsterdam | 1 & 2 August Where: Therapeutisch Activiteiten Centrum Amsterdam Cost: 363 euro incl. BTW Trainer: Thabo You can reserve your spot by doing a 25% downpayment here or if you like, you can do the the full payment here. We will confirm your…
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23 September 2018

Pranic Bliss @Makers Market | De Hallen

Due to Covid 19 temporarily no Maker Market When: cancelled until further notice Where: De Hallen Amsterdam Cost: €10 no cure no pay Team Pranic Bliss: Thabo, Stephan, Juliana Come and drop by
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23 September 2018

Pranic Healing Training | Belgium

When: 20 & 21 June | 25 & 26 July in Brussels Where: Kooperativa Kreativa - Elsene Cost 363 euro Trainer: Thabo / Event organizer: Juliana Cruz Your reservation is confirmed after payment
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6 August 2018

Full Moon Meditation @Sampoorna Yoga | Brussels

Pranic Healing Brussels presents: Full Moon Meditaion: There is more that binds us then divides us Love is the food that makes the Soul grow and we would love to guide you on a journey to experience how we are all connected and one. You have the chance to experience…
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