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Meditation, everyone has heard of it but what is it and how can it help you? Many people who start with meditation tell me that all sorts of thoughts come up and that silence and inner peace are hard to find.

The meditation technique that I teach is different and gives you immediate results. The Twin Hearts meditation gives you the tools to experience relaxation and inner peace from the first time. The meditation was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and aims to release stress, gloom and tension and to transform it into joy, happiness and inner peace.

This meditation uses the heart chakra and the crown chakra The heart and the crown both have to do with love, by wishing everyone love, your entire body is filled with the energy that gives you a deep relaxation. We use the invocation of St Francis of Assisi for this. During meditation we also meditate on the mantra “OM”, the light and the inner silence that then arises.

The advantages:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Increased productivity and more mental energy
  • Greatly improved learning ability, ideal for students
  • Stronger intuition
  • Safely accelerated spiritual and personal development
  • Larger energy body and energy centers (chakras), this gives you the energy to achieve your goals and dreams

Pranic Bliss regularly organizes meditation events in Amsterdam and on location in the Netherlands and Belgium. Do you want to experience for yourself what meditation can do for you?


Mediteren, dat is wat voor mensen die rustig kunnen zitten, althans dat dacht ik. Zoals je kunt raden rustig mediteren is niet iets wat ik vaak doe. Wat een feest was het om bij Thabo de meditatie lessen te volgen. Al tijdens de eerste les voelde ik de spanning van me afglijden, heerlijk!

Kim H.

De meditatie les van Thabo is het anker van mijn week en iets waar ik elke keer weer naar uit kijk, nooit gedacht dat meditatie me zo veel zou kunnen geven.

Esther K.

Het was voor mij een hele stap naar je toe te komen. Als ik dergelijke zaken voor TV zou zien, zou ik denken; “en deze gebaren zouden mij moeten helpen….”? Ben wellicht te nuchter hiervoor. Maar ik vind ook dat ik dergelijke zaken een kans moet geven alvorens ik ze veroordeel. En wat heb je me positief verbaasd!

Cor M.

Upcomming Events

23 September 2018

Pranic Healing Training | Netherlands

When:  September 19 & 20 in Amsterdam Where: Therapeutisch Activiteiten Centrum Amsterdam Cost: 363 euro incl. BTW Trainer: Thabo You can reserve your spot by doing a 25% downpayment here or if you like, you can do the the full payment here. We will confirm your reservation for the Pranic…
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23 September 2018

Online Self Pranic healing Course

When: 27th September 2020 Where: Online on ZOOM Cost: €125 Register here for the course This training will be given in English and after the course you will receive a digital certificate
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23 September 2018

Pranic Healing Training | Belgium

When: 5 & 6 september Brussel | 3 & 4 october Where: Kooperativa Kreativa - Elsene Cost 363 euro Trainer: Thabo / Event organizer: Juliana Cruz Your reservation is confirmed after payment
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6 August 2018

Online Full Moon Meditation

Every month at the Full Moon on ZOOM 20:00 - 21:30 Meeting id: 707-707-9090 password: love Free Full Moon Meditaion: There is more that binds us then divides us Love is the food that makes the Soul grow and we would love to guide you on a journey to experience…
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4 August 2018

Advanced Pranic Healing

New 2020 dates for Amsterdam to be announced soon! Brussels 6 & & March and 8 March for the Psychotherapy course On request: Amsterdam / Brussels Trainer Amsterdam: Alex Te Paske,  Trainer Brussels: Vivek Joshi. Organiser: Thabo Hollander Sign up
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6 February 2018


Wanneer: Maandag t/m vrijdag op afspraak Waar: Kinkerstraat 19 Amsterdam Bijdrage: €70 per sessie Therapeut: Thabo Hollander Aanmelden: Via het contactformulier
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