Let me introduce myself, my name is Thabo and it is my great passion to share that which helped me the most. I myself was born in Lesotho (South Africa) and grew up in the Netherlands.
Since I can remember, I have had a great desire to alleviate the suffering of people. After an international career in hospitality management, I discovered the tools of Pranic Healing that not only helped me but can also help you.
Now, about 8 years later, I have seen the miracle of energy healing happen to several people and regardless of whether they Well conscious life or not, Pranic Healing works. Like Dr. Nikola Tesla said, do you want to understand the secret of the universe think in energy, vibration and frequency.
Everything is energy and in Pranic Healing we bring your energy back into balance. If your energy is in balance, your life is in balance. In addition to my love for Pranic Healing, I am also a great fan of philosophy and science (astro physics, quantum physics, theoretical physics). In addition, I study Western and Eastern esoteric schools. It is a great passion to connect the energetic reality of esotericism with science. The truth is universal and Pranic Healing helped me embrace that.
Do you want to experience how Pranic Healing can help you to resolve physical and emotional complaints? Or do you want to learn Pranic Healing to help yourself and others with their issues? Try Pranic Healing and take your health back into your own hands and experience the Pranic Bliss!


  • Basic Pranic Healing
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Pranic Crystal Healing
  • Pranic Esthetics & Bodysculpting
  • Superbrain yoga
  • Achieving oneness with the higher Soul
  • Arhatic Yoga Preperatory Level
  • Arhatic Yoga Level 1 & 2
  • Kriyashakti
  • Spiritual essence of men
  • Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Higher Clairvoyence
  • Inner Christianity Revealed
  • Inner Buddhism Revealed
  • Acharya Hector Immersion Program

Other training

  • Coaching en Reading Training
  • Personal Clearing
  • Flower of life Merkaba & Sacred Geometry
  • Sacred Place in the Heart
  • Unity breath