Have you also been struggling with pain and issues and nothing helps…

I hear you and I know the way too well. The key to recovery is sometimes closer than you think. Give me a chance to get you back on your feet. During the first consultation, we naturally start with an introductory conversation with a cup of tea and a clear explanation of what I can and cannot do for you.

Pranic Healing is partly based on the fact that people have an energy body in addition to a visible physical body and that they are connected to each other. When there are complaints physically or psychologically, we can also find the core of this in the energy body. Pranic Healing removes the sick energy that underlies the complaint. Then clean energy is added. As a result, your body’s self-healing ability has more fuel to repair itself faster. Pranic Healing is very effective for both physical and emotional complaints.

What I can do for you

If you ask me what my specialization is, I would say it is my specialization to look in an energetic way …. What does that mean? I view your entire system on all kinds of layers, which gives me a lot of information about where you stand and where you come from. I look at your complaints, but also at the underlying causes of the imbalance that the complaint causes. I also look at the condition of your body, such as your organs and glands. I also look at your emotional balance. Think also of emotions and past events such as traumas that have an effect on your system.

In short, we will look at what is going on and what you need, whether you only need a single session or if you have chronic complaints that you may trajectory of multiple treatments.

After a personal conversation you will receive a full Pranic Healing treatment tailored to your needs and complaints.

The first consultation takes an average of 1.5 hours depending on your needs. Any follow-up appointments are approximately 60 minutes depending on what is needed.


If your finances are veriably a problem we will treat you suitable to your budget. We feel that its our duty to help so please don’t let money be a reason not to try Pranic Healing.

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It was a big step coming to you and normally I would say I am way to sober for this but my gosh did you surprise me

Cor M.Case: Chronic high blood pressure

I am so very grateful you where able to help me. I am finally free of cigarettes after 20 years of smoking a pack a day.

Tiny W.Case: Smoking addiction

I can dance again and walk the stairs who would have tought!

Sanne O.Case: Pain in knees after surgury