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Advanced Pranic Healing is for those who want to take their treatments to the next level.

The MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing Workshop is a follow-up workshop for those who would like to increase their effectiveness in Pranic Healing. This workshop explains how color energy works and how you can use it to achieve faster and more effective results. You will also learn how you can treat serious disorders and chronic diseases with this. Coloring prana creates a more specific result in the aura and chakras.

These are a few of the components that you will learn in this workshop:

  • Advanced color techniques: learn more about the properties of color prana and how you create it. This allows you to heal more specifically and effectively. You learn to understand the principles and guidelines behind working with colors prana
  • Advanced scanning: learn how you can observe the imbalance in the energy field faster and more effectively and how you can interpret it.
  • Powerful specialized techniques: learn how to treat wounds quickly, how to easily clean the internal organs and blood or how to boost the immune system.
  • Advanced protocols: learn to apply the protocols for serious conditions or chronic diseases such as asthma, emphysema, rheumatism, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke and more.
  • Increase your knowledge of the chakras and learn how they affect the organs and your health.
  • Instructive healing: learn how to accelerate the recovery of cells and organs by programming them.
  • The Twin Hearts Meditation with Self-Healing.

Upcoming events

23 September 2018

Pranic Healing Training | Netherlands

When:  October 31 and Novermber 1st | 28 & 29 November in Amsterdam Where: Therapeutisch Activiteiten Centrum Amsterdam Cost: 363 euro incl. BTW Trainer: Thabo You can reserve your spot by doing a 25% downpayment here or if you like, you can do the the full payment here. We will…
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23 September 2018

Online Self Pranic healing Course

When: 28 & 29 of november 2020 Where: Online on ZOOM Cost: €125 Register here for the course This training will be given in English and after the course you will receive a digital certificate
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23 September 2018

Pranic Healing Training | Belgium

When: Due to Covid - 19 there are no physical courses in Belgium at this time. Where: Kooperativa Kreativa - Elsene Cost 363 euro Trainer: Thabo / Event organizer: Juliana Cruz Your reservation is confirmed after payment
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So much to learn, I am so grateful!


This has changed so much in my life, I have skills to really help!


Advanced pranic healing has increased my eye sight with 15%